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1 Bedroom Rental In Beverly Edmonton Or Studio Apartment – Which One To Choose

If you are planning to stay alone, away from your family, then looking for a 1 Bedroom Rental In Beverly Edmonton is always a good call. However, people are often confused between choosing a 1 bedroom apartment or a studio apartment. Learning the differences between these two options will gradually help you to make the right choice around here. If you are trying to save a great deal of money without compromising on space, then making investment in the right channel is a good call.

More on 1 bedroom apartment

As you can understand from the name, the 1 Bedroom Rental In Beverly Edmonton will have a bedroom, separated from the main living area. It is not like a studio apartment and will have a bathroom, bedroom and kitchen in separate zones.

  • Based on the size of the space you have chosen, the dining room or living room might combine with the kitchen for an open floor concept.
  • The larger apartments might have their own separate eating area.
  • As one general thumb rule, 1 bedroom apartments are more spacious than studio rooms.
  • Even if you have guests coming around, the 1 bedroom flat will help you entertain them well.

Now on studio apartments

A studio apartment is mainly targeted as a single room space, which will combine bedroom, living room and eating area together in open floor format. There won’t be any walls or separation to divide various sections. Only the bathroom is separated from the rest of the available space. So, if you have guests to entertain, studio apartments are not your deal.

Get with the size

The smaller size of the studio apartment is great if you are a student and likely to stay for a year or so. In case you want a minimalistic and simple lifestyle, a studio apartment is your deal.

  • But, such an apartment is not a good fit for all, especially if you have a family member staying with you or if you have guests coming over.
  • For that, the 1 Bedroom Rental In Beverly Edmonton is always the best choice to make.
  • It will help you to get enough space you want, and you don’t have to waste a lot of money for it.
  • Yes, when compared to studio apartments, 1 bedroom is expensive, but not that much of a difference.

Home office set-up

With the work from home module becoming famous these days, you might have to opt for a home office set-up. Due to lack of space, you can’t set it up in a studio apartment. But, in a 1 bedroom apartment, you can easily use the bedroom spot or a part of your living room space to set up your home office.

Get the best rented apartments now

From the points mentioned above, it is clear to state that between studio apartment and 1 bedroom apartment, the second one is a clear winner. So, next time you are on a mission to rent such an apartment, catch up with the team from RundleLiving for help.

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