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Facilities That Tenants Seek in a 2 Bedroom Rental in Beverly, Edmonton

Renting is as challenging as buying a house. Whether you are seeking to buy or rent, you would expect a similar level of facilities and services to be available to you. While searching for a 2-bedroom rental in Beverly, Edmonton, you can easily get overwhelmed by all the choices available, particularly when it comes to choosing the necessary amenities.

Every rental apartment features its own set of amenities that offer the best value for the rent fees. However, which amenities are truly valuable and which ones just increase the rent price without much value? Let’s check out some facilities that you must look at while trying to rent 2BHK apartments in Beverly, Edmonton!

1. Private Indoor Space

If you are into hosting parties or gardening, you require an aesthetic indoor space that is open. All apartments in Beverly have balconies, but some have private open terraces. You should conduct a study to find such apartments. By indulging your green thumb, you can amaze your guests without disturbing other residents.

2. Safety Features

You have to feel secure to stay comfortably in a rented house. A 2-bedroom apartment should have a 24×7 security person, fire safety measures, CCTV monitoring, and warning signs. All the common areas should be covered by lights and CCTV cameras, including the building corridors. Every visitor should be noted and checked. If the apartment has restricted entry like carded, biometric, or video access, you are better off than living in a separate house.

3. Maintenance-Friendly

A 2BHK apartment must have proper maintenance amenities like housekeeping and other service personnel on hand. Check with the landlord if the maintenance cost is included in the rent. Check how much the flat association charges and make sure you don’t need to pay more than that. The maintenance team must be immediately available to fix problems quickly. Check to see if you can communicate with the apartment association instead of the flat owner every time.

4. Pet-Friendly

You can’t afford to leave your four-legged companions every time you shift houses. Hence, you should search for pet-friendly apartments in Beverly. It is not enough that your apartment association allows you to keep pets. There should be open spaces so your pet can get adequate fresh air and exercise.

 5. Parking

Parking is a major facility to consider while renting a 2-bedroom apartment in Beverly. You are paying good money and must not have to park in the guest parking or on the street. There must be enough covered parking places for both four-wheelers and two-wheelers allotted to every flat.


Before selecting a new apartment, you should consider the neighbourhood, noise level, layout, and facilities included. Choose a neighbourhood that feels like home and an apartment that best suits your needs. If you are seeking a 2-bedroom rental in Beverly, Edmonton, consider Rundle and our properties. We have luxury apartments in Beverly that have all the must-have apartment facilities. There are ample rental choices for tenants. Give us a call today to learn more about your rental options.

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