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How to Decide on a 1 Bedroom vs. a 2 Bedroom Rental in Beverly, Edmonton

If you are searching for an apartment in Beverly, Edmonton, there are many things to consider: amenities, neighborhood, finishing, and cost. And the list goes on! The main issue that people face is deciding between a one-bedroom and a 2 bedroom rental in Beverly, Edmonton. This blog will explain the fundamental differences between renting a one-bedroom apartment and a two-bedroom apartment to help you make the best decision.


Pricing and Lifestyle Factors

What factors impact the cost of your rent? Apart from the number of bedrooms, price can depend highly on layout, square footage, and the building’s amenities, reputation, age, etc. Furthermore, the neighborhood plays an important role in determining the cost of a rental. A one-bedroom apartment in a posh neighborhood may cost the same as a 2 bedroom apartment in a mid-scale neighborhood.

1 Bhk Apartments

There are some reasons to select a one-bedroom apartment over a two-bedroom one: maintenance and rent are lower, and the space is yours. Moreover, you can stay within your budget while sharing the room with a friend. The best part is that 1-bedroom apartments are both cozy and spacious, thanks to their decor and finishing.

One-bedroom apartments are good for bachelors or couples. You get a perfect kitchen, living area, and individual bedroom. Many people choose these apartments because they get the advantage of a real bedroom without the extra cost of paying for two.

2 Bhk Apartments

Why should you choose a two-bedroom apartment over a one-bedroom apartment? Apart from the space factor, there are many reasons. You can simply choose to share the space with a roommate, which makes it more affordable than renting a 1-bedroom apartment for yourself. If you rent it out for yourself only, the second room has several uses.

You can use it as a home office, storage space, or gaming area. The benefit of having two rooms is that you will have many choices and, finally, more space to do things. Also, with a 2-bedroom rental, you can make the most of your time at home. You can spend weekends or holidays at your place, as you don’t require any additional space.

2 Bhk vs. 1 Bhk Apartments: Which One to Choose?

Finally, there is no clear distinction between 1 bhk and 2 bhk apartment rentals. If you want to save on rent but don’t want to compromise on the home office, you can go for a 1-bedroom apartment. However, if you want a good amount of flexibility for inviting guests to your place and decorating and furnishing it the way you want, go for a 2 bedroom rental in Beverly, Edmonton.

2 bhk apartments basically provide more space and choices, while a 1 bhk one can be the right size if you want a cozy space with a reasonable rental price. Consider your needs and contact Rundle to make your living flexible and affordable at the same time. Rundle at Riverview Crossing can find the best rental apartment for you within your desired budget.

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