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Situated in one of the most vibrant and historical neighbourhoods in Edmonton sits the 248 apartments of Rundle Living. Once a small town overlooking the North Saskatchewan river, Beverly is now home to just over 3,000 Edmontonians. Read on to learn why its residents and new developments like Rundle Living are so lucky.


Beverly, unlike much of the modern suburbs in Edmonton, is heavily connected to their historic roots. At one time the area was an alternative to city living, and one might still feel that way with the many parks situated all throughout the area. One of these parks is the site of the original Beverly coal mine. Beverly was originally a coal mining town before Edmonton grew to what it is now. You can find three mine markers which are located at the site of each coal mine. But it is not the mines alone that make up the history of Beverly. From early pioneer families to settlers after world war II, Beverly was a place of settlement for families from around the globe.


From open grassy fields to the stretch of paths surrounded by thick woods along the river, you will always have an antidote to stress right within your neighbourhood. Being somewhere you might consider historic includes the nature that comes with the small town narrative. On the backside of Rundle Living is the Rundle Park Golf Course, making nature and recreation accessible at once. Lining the south and east borders of the Beverly area, and directly adjacent to Rundle Living, is the most permanent landmark within Edmonton. The North Saskatchewan River. Rundle Living is within steps of never ending trails that border our river, inviting you to feel what small town living is truly like with nature at your doorstep.


An obvious downside to small town living is the lack of businesses available to you. Beverly does not lack in this department. An abundance of both local, and well known businesses are within walking distance from Rundle Living. The building is directly adjacent to Riverview Crossing mall which alone has 27 stores, food, and services. From a medical clinic, to Amazone Playzone, the mall appeals to everyone and all their needs. And that’s the mall alone! Beverly makes it their mission to “revitalise the Olde Towne Beverly business district”, aiding to benefit their existing businesses and always welcome new ones. Shopping locally is so important for your communities and the local economy. Make it a goal to check out the abundance of local businesses in Beverly even if you aren’t living there! You make your money here in Edmonton, keep your money here in Edmonton.


Some of the unique and local businesses in Beverly include the restaurants and diners, much of which are lining 118th street. 25 locations to eat exist in Beverly and 18 of which are local. Experience the feeling of a home cooked meal without cooking at home while also supporting local! The Beverly area puts on “dining week” down 118th street to highlight the restaurants within their borders. Celebrate your city and the businesses with-in by eating-in and enjoying $10, $15, and $20 special priced items. I feel I’ve highlighted the importance of shopping local already, but the truth is the larger abundance of local stores and restaurants, the larger amount of new and diverse places you have to visit. Gravitate towards those locations that have the family owned businesses you can admire for being unique, hard working, and locally owned. You know the owners, they’re your neighbours, friends, and family. It feels so much better to know where your money’s going. When you shop in Beverly you can be sure you know where it’s going.


Something all Edmontonian’s struggle with is the ETS system, I know it’s a touchy subject for most but luckily Beverly is one of the easiest areas to bus in. With five bus routes and a short distance from the Capital line, Beverly becomes interconnected with the rest of the city in minutes. Rundle Living is fortunate to be directly beside the Abbotsfield Transit Center. Using the Transit app, I tracked the time from Abbotsfield Transit Center to the University of Alberta. The trip is a less than 40 minute bus and train ride with the only walking being to the bus stop and onto the train at the coliseum station. This creates such an accessible environment for grade level students, University students residing in Rundle Living and the Beverly area, and anyone who uses public transit as their main source of transportation. You can simultaneously get to where you need to be going and save money on parking, A luxury not many Edmontonians are lucky enough to have.


Whether you’re a family of 5 or living on your own, Beverly appeals to everyone. With 18 public and seven catholic schools situated within the community, you can be sure that children and teens of all ages benefit from the area. Alongside the large abundance of schools, Rundle Living is directly across the street from the Abbottsfield Recreation Centre, and Abbottsfield park. Take advantage of the indoor space for sports and recreation, relatively new architecture and renovation, and low rental rates for any events. ARC puts on family event’s too, including their annual family movie night in December.


Overlooking the North Saskatchewan river is beautiful and homely Beverly. Beverly has recreated that small town atmosphere in both a historical and modern way right in the middle of the growing city Edmonton is. The community of Beverly is the definition of building from within rather than building out, I often wonder what the appeal of living on the outskirts of town really is other than the brand new buildings. In Beverly you can minimise travel, live in the heart of Edmonton and our River Valley, and still reside in a beautifully modernised home such as the apartments in Rundle Living. Beverly and Rundle Living is what makes Edmonton, Edmonton. A continuously growing and always historic place to call home.

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