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Top 6 Features of Profitable Rental Apartment Buildings in Beverly, Edmonton

You probably know that you must rent in a profitable apartment building. But what makes good rental apartment buildings in Beverly, Edmonton in the first place? What do you search for in an apartment building? These are some common questions, but this blog will break down the top features to help you understand how to find, choose, and live in a profitable rental apartment in Beverly, Edmonton.

Features of a Good Rental Apartment Building

Here are the features you should look for while searching for a good rental apartment building:

1. Location

The location of an apartment is highly crucial. You should prioritize your personal needs and lifestyle when selecting a location from the list. A good apartment building must be situated in an area with no or a low crime rate. Also, check whether your workplace, grocery stores, or public transportation are nearby your building.

2. Well-Maintained

A well-built rental apartment building should be properly maintained as well. For example:

  •         The general area should be neat and clean, and there should be trash around.
  •         The landscaping must be visually attractive.
  •         You must not notice any rodents or pests around.
  •         You must not see crooked light poles or windows dangling.
  •         There should not be trash in the hallways, and the exterior must be clean enough.
  •         The parking lot should be well paved.

You can only get a sense of the exterior by inspecting it as you enter the building.

3. Amenities

A reputed rental apartment must have some amenities. This depends much on your personal choices, but a few famous amenities are:

  •         Clubhouse
  •         Swimming pool
  •         Outdoor areas
  •         On-site parking
  •         Balcony
  •         Community room
  •         In-unit or on-site dryer and washer
  •         Surveillance system

You cannot have all these amenities, but a good apartment building must have at least a few of them.

4. Affordability

Affordability is one of the basics. It can be the best apartment building in Beverly, but it should be within your budget. While comparing apartment rental costs, do not only compare prices. You should compare the rent per square foot.

5. Constant Improvement

A good rental apartment building should always improve and communicate with the residents. Ask other residents how the landlord communicates and what kinds of new projects have been done in the past years. Ask how frequently they hear from the landlord and how responsive he has been to their requests.

6. Clean and Sufficient Interior Spaces

An apartment building’s interior spaces must be as crucial as its exteriors. Check whether the corridors that lead to the apartments are clean and well-lit. Are there any signs of graffiti, peeling paint, etc. that compromise the building’s looks? The apartment must be tidy and clean, and it should have sufficient natural light and ventilation.

Not all rental apartment buildings in Beverly, Edmonton are constructed in the same way. A profitable rental apartment gives you a different experience and is worth checking out as well. Rundle is the place to go if you’re looking for something similar.

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