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What to Remember While Hunting for Pet Friendly Rentals in Beverly, Edmonton

Looking for a new apartment in Beverly, Edmonton is one thing. But the main concern is finding a property that allows you to keep your pet, like a dog, cat, or even a turtle, with you. There are some better-suited pet-friendly rentals in Beverly, Edmonton. However, you must check with the landlord to know what is allowed in a specific space. Hence, you must remember a few things while hunting for units that are pet-friendly.

Tips to Find the Right Pet-Friendly Rentals in Beverly

Here are some points to consider while seeking pet-friendly rentals in Beverly:

1. Learn the Difference between “Pet-Friendly” and “Pets Allowed”

Many renters believe that “pets allowed” and “pet-friendly” are synonymous, but they are not. A property that mentions “pets allowed” just allows your pet to stay with you in the unit. Such apartments basically have particular rules and regulations for residents and their pets, like which breeds and sizes are allowed.

In terms of a pet-friendly property, the unit lets your pet reside with you and also provides pet-centric amenities like pet waste and water stations, an on-site dog park, and walkways or walking trails.

2. Prepare a Pet Resume

Point out your pet’s abilities. Let your pet shine by preparing a resume that highlights their best features and qualities. Moreover, you can give your landlord the vaccination schedule of your pet, demonstrating that they are up-to-date with their medical visits and healthy enough. As an added bonus, showcase your pet’s awards and certifications (if you have any) to show what an amazing pet you have.

3. Consider the Amenities Provided or Available Nearby

A few properties in Beverly, Edmonton, go beyond with their pet-friendly amenities, providing dog daycare or on-site groomers. It is important to note that many of these amenities are not included in your rent. You will also need to familiarize yourself with the facilities in your new location. Find out where the local pet parks, pet shops, and veterinarians are. Also, consider your budget, your pet’s requirements, and the additional conveniences when assessing amenities.

4. Obtain a Written Contract

After talking with the property owner, get the agreement in writing when he agrees to allow your pet to reside in the apartment with you. This makes everything clear, and everybody knows what they have agreed to. Also, you can pay a pet deposit or rent to give your landlord mental peace. This deposit will be an extra cost on top of the deposit for other house damages.

Final Words

Finding pet-friendly rentals in Beverly, Edmonton is a tedious task. You need a place that both you and your pet will love. The tips given in this blog will help you convince even the most unconvinced landlords by showcasing that you are a dutiful pet parent and your pet is also well-behaved.

The tips given above will help you find the best-equipped pet-friendly apartment in Beverly for rent. If you are seeking the same, contact Rundle at Riverview Crossing. We make sure to help you find the best apartment for you and your furry companion.

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