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"With the combined beauty of the River Valley and the economic benefit of the Beverly Bridge (and Clover Bar Bridge), Riverview Crossing recognizes the special location the Shopping Centre. The focus at Riverview Crossing has been to create a new experience for the community where the Shopping Centre is clean, bright and open, where families spend time together and bump into their community friends. A friendly, fun, safe, respectful and affordable location to spend time, shop and obtain personal services. Rundle at Riverview Crossing is an extension of this vision providing well designed, comfortable homes for the community where the community can enjoy the benefits of the location and the amenities of the Shopping Centre.”


The Rundle is located in Edmonton's historic Beverly district, The Rundle is an artful blending of old and new. Step into Edmonton's history and experience a whole new way of rental living.


The Rundle at Riverview Crossing is located in the heart Beverly. A seamless blend of urban and historic, just steps away from amenities, transit and the stunning Rundle Park.


The goal of this project was to build a safe and modern living space with eco-conscious standards, to ensure responsible use of energy and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

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    Rundle at Riverview Crossing

    Rooted in the Heart of the Commmunity